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It’s finally 2021 and we at the PTSA are thinking ahead to Fall, when we might be able to resume our normal programs! In order to do so, we must have volunteers to fill our committee chairs. Several of our Executive Board Members have to leave their position because we have two year term limits. Without a dedicated chair, the program cannot take place. All positions can be co-chaired if desired!

Please contact us at president@lwptsa.org if you are interested in filling a role or hearing more about one. Meetings are generally the first Monday of the month, with exceptions for holidays, etc. Join our February General Meeting, Feb 8th at 6pm to volunteer or place your name in nomination!

Elected Executive Board Positions Needed:

  • President: The president shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the Purposes may be promoted; confirm that a quorum is present before conducting any business at any meeting of the association; call and preside over meetings as appropriate to the business of the Association. Also updates the website and administers the Facebook group, and meets regularly with the school staff. (This position requires a high level of work and lots of communication and oversight of chairs)

  • VP of Fundraising: Be the aide to the president, be in charge of all fundraising activities; and preside in the absence of the president. Attend all meetings and training as required by WSPTA. (This position requires lots of work during fundraisers and less work during off times)

  • VP of Membership: Be in charge of membership drive(s) and promote membership to the families through flyers or email, use MemberPlanet or the current PTA system to keep an accurate membership list and send out electronic membership invitations. Keep an accurate Member count and distribute the current membership list to the secretary as required. Attend all meetings and training as required by WSPTA. (This position requires the most work at the beginning of the school year, then less maintenance throughout the year)

  • Secretary: Record minutes of all meetings of the association; keep accurate record of attendance of Board Committee meetings; be responsible for correspondence; collect and preserve documents relating the history of the association; present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at the annual meeting; have a current copy of the bylaws; maintain the records retention policy; maintain the adopted ethics/conflict of interest policy as signed by the current executive board members, and maintain current membership list. Get the mail from the PO Box and the school PTSA box and distribute as required. Attend all meetings and training as required by WSPTA. (This position has a low level of steady work)

  • Treasurer: have custody of all funds of the association; keep books of accounts and records in accordance with the records retention policy; make disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the association; sign on bank accounts ; present a financial report, both written and verbal, at every meeting of the Local PTA and as requested; make a full report at annual meeting; be responsible for maintenance of such books of account and records; complete and file all necessary tax documents. Attend all meetings and training as required by WSPTA. (This position requires a high level of work and availability to come to the school regularly)

Vital Committee Chair Positions - these programs will not exist if volunteers are not found.

Popcorn - we would like to have at least 2 people to chair this position, our kiddos love their popcorn Fridays and we want to be ready to start up as soon as we are safely able! The Chairs coordinate volunteers to pop and sell popcorn each Friday during first recess. Purchase popcorn and supplies and train new volunteers as needed. (This chair has responsibilities all year long)

Book Fair - The Scholastic chairperson organizes and runs a book fair in the fall and spring for students, staff and parents to foster reading among the students and to raise funds for the PTA. This job is accomplished by promoting the Book Fair to the school community, directing the set up and operation of Fair, completes Financial Form, and submits payment to Scholastic Book Fairs. This position would also benefit from having several dedicated volunteers to assist with in-person fairs, so any interest is appreciated! (This chair has responsibilities all year long)

Family Fun Nights - we would like to have a committee of at least 3 people for this role to share in planning events, that way each chair is only responsible for one event each quarter! The Family Fun Nights chair(s) shall coordinate the monthly PTSA events and shall coordinate volunteers to assist in preparation, execution, and clean-up of the events. The chair(s) shall submit a flyer for paper or electronic distribution 1 month before the event to promote the event. The chair (s) shall send thank you notes to all businesses that provide supplies or services for the event. (This chair has responsibilities all year long)

Playground Pals - The Playground Pal Chair promotes this wonderful program that encourages all adults in students' lives to visit campus. The goal of our program is to improve the well-being of our children by inspiring and engaging with our students on the playground. This position requires coordination with the school staff and teachers to create a schedule for each person to be as hands on with the students as possible! Attendance and coordination with the PTSA is required. (This chair has responsibilities all year long)

Spirit Wear - will be responsible for coordinating spirit wear orders with our supplier, and distributing orders when they arrive at the school. Our spirit wear ordering process is now online! (This chair is only active for a short time in the Fall but will have many responsibilities during that time)

Theater - The Missoula Children’s Theater Chair shall coordinate with the PTSA board of directors, school, and company to determine the best times to host a PTSA production and shall coordinate volunteers to assist in preparation, execution, and clean-up of the event. (This chair is only active for a short time in the Fall or Spring but will have many responsibilities during that time)

Reflections - The Reflections Chair is responsible for the PTSA Reflections program. The job includes promotion of the program and stirring up interest in the school with posters, announcements and working with teachers. The job includes processing paperwork with the District PTSA office, submitting students' work for judging, ordering awards, setting up school judges and selecting candidates to proceed to District, Regional and State PTSA judging sessions. (This chair is only active for a short time in the Fall but will have many responsibilities during that time)

Your favorite part of the week!

Click here to get your page to fill out! Email it to president@lwptsa.org.

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We are so excited to introduce a new volunteer opportunity open to all adults in our students' lives!

A Playground Pal is an adult who volunteers to hang out on the playground and engage with the students from 11:30am-1:30pm on Fridays throughout the year. Your focus will be to encourage positive behavior and experiences during this time. If you are interested in signing up for this new program, please use this link:


*Please note all volunteers must be cleared through the district prior to volunteering. If you have additional questions, please email Playgroundpals@lwptsa.org

Volunteers Needed


Popcorn Fridays

Consider this your personal invitation to be a part of popcorn Fridays! Each week LWES PTSA sells popcorn and fruit leather to students during recess. Volunteers are needed every week to make this happen:

  • Two volunteers are needed on Thursday afternoons from 1:10PM - 3:00 PM to pop popcorn​.

  • Two volunteers are needed on Friday mornings from 9:20AM – 11:00 AM to sell fruit leather and popcorn during all first recesses. Please arrive at 9:00 AM to set up your table and chairs (undercover) so you are ready by 9:20 AM.

This is a fun volunteer opportunity and the kids love it!

SIGN UP HERE to help!​

(Must be a PTSA member to handle money.)

(Must have a valid Food Handlers Permit to pop)

We LOVE our volunteers! Adults who volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips, help during field day, or work directly with students in any way (including PTSA after school events), are required to complete Tahoma’s background check and be cleared to volunteer. The background check process is done entirely on line (there is no longer a paper packet to fill out). If you have NOT completed an ELECTRONIC background check, please click here and complete it ASAP. Thank you!