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Auditions: April 22nd ~ Rehearsals: April 23rd-26th 

~ Show: April 27th 3:00pm and 5:30pm~


An audition will be held for the Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) production of PETER AND WENDY on April 22nd beginning after school 3:30-5:30pm. Those auditioning should arrive immediately after school and plan to stay for the full two hours. Some of the cast members will be asked to stay for a rehearsal immediately following the audition.

Among the roles to be cast are Peter, his Shadow, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys; Wendy and her brothers John and Michael; their parents Mr. and Mrs. Darling with their faithful friends Nana and Liza; Captain Hook and his Pirate Crew along with the Crocodile; Tiger Lily, the band of Neverlanders and Neverland Creatures; and, carrying them to Neverland, a group of stormy Clouds. All students are encouraged to audition. No advance preparation is necessary.  Assistant Directors will also be cast to aid in rehearsals throughout the week and to take on essential backstage responsibilities.

Missoula Frequently asked Questions

Audition Questions

1. How many students will be cast? Approximately 50-60 students will be cast in the show. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will be cast.

Here are the estimated numbers of students cast:

● Kindergarten through age 7 - 16 cast

● Ages 8-12 - 44 cast

● Assistant Directors (typically ages 10-12) - 4 cast

● Total 60 Cast Members plus 4 Assistant

2. Should the students prepare anything for the audition? No advance preparation is necessary, but a SMILE ☺ never hurts at an audition. They should be ready to come and have a good time! Please remember that everyone must stay the entire two hours of the audition.

3. Does it cost $25 to audition?  No. once the cast has been chosen you will need to pay $25 participation fee (cash or check) by 4/23. If you have any questions please contact

4. What time will the audition begin? The Audition will happen on Monday April 22nd after school, 3:30pm.

5. Can parents watch the auditions? No. The audition is closed and parents should arrive 10-15 min before the end of the audition when they announce the cast.

Rehearsal Questions

1. What if my child has another activity during the week, can they miss a day of practice? No. All cast members need to attend all week of practices and both shows on 4/27.

2. Can parents and teachers watch rehearsals? All our rehearsals are open to parents and teachers. Be aware, however, that it may be fun for the students to surprise their parents at the end of the week by showing what they have accomplished! Please understand that we cannot allow guests to disrupt the rehearsals. Productive rehearsals depend on the focused work of the cast members involved.

3. Where do rehearsals take place? At Lake Wilderness in the cafeteria/stage. A schedule will be provided during casting.